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Camping vs Glamping: Everything You Need to Know

Updated on May 9, 2023



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Many American city-dwellers dream of a getaway to rush away from city life and enjoy the scenic views of vistas, babbling brooks, and lake shores along tree-lined trails. The particulars of how you go for your getaway can range based on what you’re comfortable with and what your family needs.

camping vs glamping

Camping and glamping happen to be two of the most sought-after getaway options for city-dwellers. Both options provide relief from the hectic city life and let you enjoy the serenity of nature. Stay with us as we explore the differences between the two.

Difference Between Camping and Glamping

There are many differences between camping and glamping, which eventually come within the amenities offered in both experiences.


As many people would know about camping, it requires a complete disconnection from the rest of the world. If you are camping, you are expected to disconnect from technology and may find yourself without running electricity or reception.

Glamping, on the flip side, is a more glamorous form of camping and comes with better connectivity and tech availability. Most glamping sites come with amazing connectivity and good access to electricity. The glamping experience is pretty similar to what you have at home.

With Glamping, you can continue to do your work as you enjoy the natural sights and sounds of beauty around you. Many people go on glamping trips to enjoy a good serene working experience.

glamping is the combination of the word glamour and camping

Availability of Equipment

Camping sites, be it for RVs or tents, are made up of rows of tents or parked RVs. While these rows make for good photography, the living experience inside the tents isn’t the best.

Since camping is a summer pastime, the heat can lead to humidity inside the camping ground and tents. The tents do not have plumbing, which is why bathrooms are shared with other campsite members.

Glamping lives up to its glorious tag and offers more when it comes to comfort. Some glamping sites even come with chalets and cabins. The chalets are well decorated and well-lit. They also have separate lavatories inside the space for residents to not compromise their privacy.

Many chalets also come with their kitchen, which is fully equipped with the right utensils and goods. The glamping experience is more like a holiday home than a rugged campsite.

Cost of the Trip

This is a major point of difference between camping and glamping. Glamping sites are fairly more expensive than camping sites. Glamping is a more expensive excursion and saves you from the extra hassle of setting up your tent or running around for a toilet.


The experience you get from camping and glamping can vary based on your expectations. Camping can be a great experience for people who want to rush into the wild without breaking their bank balance.

Camping can also be fun for people who want to explore the wild and want to cut themselves off from the amenities they enjoy in life.

Glamping, on the contrary, is more suited for people who want their camping experience to feel like a luxury vacation home. The glamping experience is best for people who want a glorious time camping.

Benefits of Camping and Glamping

Many of us are stuck with our city lives and don’t seek relief from our daily routine. Going on a camping trip has been a major relief mechanism for city dwellers for ages, as it helps them change their environment and breathe in some fresh air for a change.

Fresh air is perhaps the first benefit of heading on a camping trip. You get to spend time near trees and breathe fresher oxygen.

The happiness of being in such proximity to nature is unparalleled by anything else in life.

You can drastically reduce your stress levels with a single trip. People feel fresh and de-stressed after a camping trip. Not only are their moods better, but anxiety is down as well.

Camping also helps you get some necessary physical exercise. The hiking and additional labor can cut the monotony and give you a chance to exercise.

Finally, you get to bask in the sunshine and soak in a lot of Vitamin D. We forget about Vitamin D and its importance in our daily hustle. So, grab your outdoor supply of necessities now and head on a camping trip.

Planning for an RV Camping Trip

Camping by a lake in your RV can be a fun and refreshing experience. Not only are you sleeping in your vehicle, but you are also close to some of nature’s most ideal landscape settings.

Before you plan your next camping or outdoor excursion, ensure you plan and pack accordingly. There is always some new gadget or accessory you can take with you to have fun outdoors, but the following accessories come to mind whenever we think of a fun time.

Sleeping Bag and Canopy Bed

The first outdoor accessory you would want is a swing canopy bed. Such beds can easily be tied to trees or posts. You can then rest on them to look the coolest version of yourself and kill the heat in the most convenient manner possible. The swing can also help you sleep if you have trouble sleeping outdoors.

You must sleep well, even during camping, and have a sleeping bag with you for the purpose. Perhaps the first and foremost reason you need a sleeping bag is to ensure you get a good night’s sleep while camping outside. Sleep is an important part of your camping trip and shouldn’t be neglected.

Sleeping bags are easy to set up. It is almost as easy as setting up your bed before you head to sleep at home. So, they save you the endless hassle of setting up a bed on the rocky and uncomfortable grounds of your camping spot.

Foldable Chair

Next, you would want to pack a reclining camping chair during your travels. A reclining camping chair is easy to carry as it is foldable.

You can fold the chair to carry it around with you. You can head down to a nearby river shore with your reclining chair and can position it there to get a comfortable and riveting view of nature at its finest.

First aid and Emergency Kit

You should also have a first aid kit with you at all times. The first aid kit ensures that you feel and stay safe. No matter where you are headed, you should preferably have a first aid kit available at all hours.

Additionally, you should also carry an RV emergency kit with you. This emergency kit should include all necessary supplies you would like to have inside your RV for managing emergencies.

Besides the basic emergency kits, you should also pack a mess and shelter kit. Get the right equipment for cooking and eating on the go.

Also, carry water filters to drink purified water to avoid being sick. Finally, you should always carry some necessities for shelter if the situation gets out of control. An easy-to-make tent will do.

Outdoor Games for Glamping

Do you like playing games outside? Are you looking for some outdoor activities to enjoy during your glamping trip? Well, you don’t have to look any further, as we have just the resource for you.

Summers are just around the corner, and plenty of good weather is on the cards for you to head out on a glamping trip and have fun playing outdoor games with your kids and friends.

To ensure that you are prepared for what is coming your way, in this section, we mention some amazing summer games you can enjoy. Please make a list and ensure you have the accessories needed to play them.

Recycled Bottle Bowling

You can start with a game of recycled bottle bowling. This game presents a unique opportunity for you to teach your kids the advantage of recycling goods and of having a fun time while doing so.

If you have old plastic or milk bottles in your home, you can line them in the backyard to replicate bowling pins. Then, with a colored tennis ball, you can roll your luck and see how good you are at backyard bowling. The experience will surely be fun for everyone involved and will lead to much excitement.

Water Balloon Pinata

The next game we have on the list is water balloon piñata. This game is slightly easier to play but difficult to set up. You must start by filling water inside multiple water balloons and then hanging them around the yard.

All players should then be tasked with bursting as many balloons as possible in the limited time given. This would be a fun activity and would lead to plenty of enjoyment.


If you are heading on a camping trip, you want to take time and play some ball in between. Hence, a glow-in-the-dark ball is everything you need to have with you. A glowing ball can conveniently be used to play volleyball or throw the ball with your friends at night.

A good session of throwball helps create interesting memories and a competitive environment during the camping trip. The best part about playing ball on the trip is that you will experience nature’s naturally cool and clean winds, brush past your lungs as you pant, and run as much as possible.


Finally, we believe you should play slammo in the backyard. For those unaware of it, slammed is an outdoor lawn game that puts teams of two against each other. Both teams have three hits to either spike or bounce the ball on the given net.

A typical slammo set comes with 1 slammo target net, 1 training ball, 2 competition-sized balls, a travel case, and a book carrying all the rules you need to play the game. The game is fun and exciting and will potentially stir up your family’s competitive side.


Now that we have studied the difference between camping and glamping, you should know that the primary purpose of your trip is to have fun and relax. 

Choose whichever option best appeals to your interests. As a final verdict, glamping is better suited for relaxing and blowing some steam off. Camping, on the flip side, is a low-cost experience that brings you closer to nature. 

Are you team glamping or team camping? Let us know in the comment section below.

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About Editorial Staff

We’re passionate about all things RV and camper, and love sharing tips, “how-to”, and reviewing the latest products to help make your camping experience a success!

<span style="color: #01343d">About</span> Editorial Staff

About Editorial Staff

We’re passionate about all things RV and camper, and love sharing tips, “how-to”, and reviewing the latest products to help make your camping experience a success!

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