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What is the Best Time To Buy a Travel Trailer?

Updated on January 28, 2024



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Are you tired of your dull old house? Or are perhaps looking for a new way to spend the weekends? If so, then it’s time to invest in a travel trailer.

what is the best time to buy a fifth wheel

Travel trailers are great for couples who want to explore the world together. They’re also suitable for people who are looking for a way to make their lives more exciting and adventurous. 

If that sounds like something that would appeal to you, keep reading. We’ll tell you everything you need to know about buying travel trailers.

Preparation and Financial Planning

Planning is the key to a successful purchase. Know how much you can spend and how much you can borrow. Make sure you have funds available to pay for the trailer, accessories and vehicle modifications, as well as insurance, registration and taxes.

Do your research. Compare prices at dealerships in your area, but don’t stop there. Search online for dealerships outside your area that might have a better price or better financing terms.

If you’re buying from a private seller, expect to pay more for the same unit than if purchased from a dealership — sometimes significantly more.

What Is the Best Time to Buy a Travel Trailer?

You can save some money by buying at the right time of year. And if you have your heart set on a new model, you may need to wait until the next model year hits the dealership floor.

Here’s what to know about when to buy:

Shop in the Spring for Used Models

One of the best times to buy a travel trailer is in the spring when dealers are eager to unload the last year’s models and start selling new ones. But there are other good reasons to buy in the spring as well.

When many dealerships put their best deals on used RVs in spring is the time of year. They’re trying to eliminate last year’s units and make room for this year’s models. In addition, you’ll find more options available at this time because dealerships have just received a fresh shipment from their suppliers.

If you’re looking for a great deal on a used trailer, it’s also wise to shop during the first quarter of each year for seasonal discounts that apply only to specific models or brands.

Buy on a Holiday Weekend

New Year’s Day, Memorial Day and Labor Day are the three biggest travel-trailer sales days of the year. If you can wait until these holidays to buy your trailer, you could save thousands of dollars in financing costs.

Buy on-off Season

Perhaps the best time to buy a travel trailer is during the off-season. The off-season can mean different things in different parts of the country. 

If you live in Florida or Arizona, your off-season may be from January through March. If you live in upstate New York, your off-season may be from September through December.

The best way to find out when the off-season is in your area is to call local dealerships and ask them about their sales numbers for each month of the year. It’s essential that you do this because not all dealerships track their sales by month — some just keep track of total sales for each year.

Buy at an RV Show

RV shows are excellent places to negotiate a deal. Often, dealerships will offer discounts and incentives just for attending their show. Salespeople also have permission to provide discounts without asking their managers first, which means they’re often motivated to reach a sales goal.

If you’re looking for something specific or have your eye on something particular, go ahead and research it at an RV show. You may find that there’s only one model available at that dealership or that another dealership has better deals on parts and accessories for your specific model of interest.

On top of all this, RV shows are great places to learn more about different models and manufacturers as well as how things work inside an RV, such as appliances and systems maintenance.

Look for a Southern State Dealership.

Due to the weather, dealerships in southern states tend to be more competitive than those in northern states. This means they may offer better deals and incentives during certain times of the year.

In Summers

In summer, many dealerships are willing to cut prices dramatically because they need space in their lot — especially if they’re selling models that have been sitting around since last year (or longer). So if you’re looking for a deal on a used model or one that hasn’t been updated in a while, summer is your best bet because most dealers want it gone by fall anyway.

When is the BEST Time to Buy an RV with Josh the RV Nerd

How to Buy a Travel Trailer?

When you’re in the market for a travel trailer, there are many things to consider: price, size and amenities. If you’re buying your first trailer or looking for something new, here are a few tips on ensuring you get what you want.

Know What You Want

The first step in buying any vehicle is knowing what kind of vehicle you need. If you have kids and plan to use your travel trailer as a family vacation home, look at fifth-wheel RVs, which are designed with living spaces that accommodate up to eight people. They also have more storage space than most other types of RVs. 

If you’re just looking for something simple and compact for occasional use, consider purchasing a pop-up camper or folding camping trailer instead.

Know Your Budget

Once you’ve decided what kind of RV you want, it’s time to figure out how much you can afford to spend on it. This includes not only the initial cost of the camper itself but also any accessories such as appliances or furniture that may be required depending on your specific needs and preferences.

Do Your Research

Visit dealerships and check out the models you like online. Look for used trailers on Craigslist or eBay that meet your needs. If you want to buy a new RV, find out what features are included in the price and which ones will cost extra.

Get advice from friends who own trailers and ask them how they like them. You can also ask other RV owners at RV parks about their experiences with specific makes and models of trailers.

Make sure the dealer has a good reputation for customer service and reliability, especially if you’re buying from an independent seller through Craigslist or eBay.

Shop Around for Financing Options

Before you even start shopping for your trailer, make sure that you have the funds available to pay cash. If not, shop around for financing options. 

You may want to consider an extended service agreement if it’s offered through your dealer or manufacturer. These can be an excellent way to save money on maintenance costs in the future.



Finally, we’d like to remind you that one of the best times to buy a travel trailer is today. Even if you missed the boat on tax incentives, sales are always on during the summer months. Interest rates tend to be lower during this time, too, so there’s no better time than now to open your mind and take that well-earned vacation.


Q. How do I get the best price on a travel trailer?

A. One of the best ways to get the best price on a travel trailer is to shop around. Check out local dealerships and talk to them about your needs and concerns. 

Q.What is the cheapest state to buy a travel trailer?

A.The cheapest states to buy a travel trailer are Texas, Florida, and Arizona. These states have low property taxes and lower living costs, making them ideal for purchasing a travel trailer.

Q.How much can you negotiate on a new RV?

A.It all depends on the RV, the seller, and the buyer. Generally speaking, you can negotiate 20% to 30% off MSRP on a new RV. But you might be able to get even more if you’re a savvy shopper and have done your research.

Q.Is a travel trailer a good investment?

A.A travel trailer can be a significant investment because it is relatively inexpensive to buy and maintain, but it can also make money for you if you decide to sell it later.

Q.What is the best month to buy an RV?

A.The best months to buy an RV are December and January. These months are when the most deals are available, and manufacturers want to clear out their inventory for the new models coming in.

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About Editorial Staff

We’re passionate about all things RV and camper, and love sharing tips, “how-to”, and reviewing the latest products to help make your camping experience a success!

<span style="color: #01343d">About</span> Editorial Staff

About Editorial Staff

We’re passionate about all things RV and camper, and love sharing tips, “how-to”, and reviewing the latest products to help make your camping experience a success!

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