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How Long Can You Park At Walmart?

Updated on July 16, 2023



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These days, almost every person wants to save money or time. More often than not, we end up going to big parking lots like Walmart. In order to keep their customers happy, they offer several conveniences to them. 

how long can you park at walmart

But the question is, how long can you park at Walmart? Walmart allows overnight parking at its 2,000 stores all over the US. However, it is crucial to ask for permission from the store manager prior to parking for the night.

Keep reading to learn more about what will happen if you part at Walmart and sleep overnight!

Is It Legal to Sleep in Your RV at Walmart Overnight?

Yes, but permission is required. The answer depends on the state where you’re parked. In some states, it’s illegal to park your RV wherever you want; in others, it’s illegal to leave it parked overnight. But even in those states where it’s legal to park overnight, you’ll need to check with local regulations first.

In general, the rules are different for each state and city. Some municipalities have zoning laws restricting parking for RVs or other vehicles in certain areas. Some cities may require permits or licenses for RVs or other vehicles. If you are staying in an RV park or campground while traveling, you’ll need to abide by its rules as well.

How Many Nights Can You Stay in a Walmart Parking Lot For?

Walmart usually lets you stay for one night or at most. 

Walmart parking lots are a safe place to sleep, and there isn’t much risk of getting arrested or ticketed if you don’t stay there too long. The only thing that might happen is that some people might ask you to leave. 

But if you’re respectful, they might let you stay longer. Some people have even reported being able to stay for up to three nights in one parking lot.

The best part about camping in a Walmart lot is that it is free.  All you need is enough space for your RV and yourself (and maybe some supplies). 

And it’s just so convenient. There are plenty of Walmarts near highways and other main roads, so getting around shouldn’t be too difficult either.

Do You Have to Pay For Overnight Walmart Parking?

The parking lot at a Walmart is a convenient place to park your RV. It’s usually quiet, and there’s plenty of space for everyone. Unfortunately, some people have been told that they must pay for overnight parking.

That’s not true. Walmart does not charge for overnight RV parking at any of its locations. You can stay as long as you want and park anywhere in the lot — even if it’s right next to another vehicle or right in front of an entrance.

The reason some people believe they have to pay is that they’re confusing Walmart’s policy on overnight trailers with its policy on RVs. 

While trailers are allowed to park overnight in their spaces, they do have to pay $10 per day or $10 per week, depending on which option they choose when registering the trailer online or at customer service before parking it at their location. However, RVs are free.

How Long Can I Park My RV at Walmart?

The maximum stay allowed by Walmart is 24 hours. They do allow overnights or extended stays if you are respectful. 

Some codes of conduct were provided by Escapees RV Club that should always be followed. And make sure to ask the store manager for permission.

Benefits of Parking RV Overnight at Walmart

Walmart is a great place to park your RV overnight. You can avoid paying for overpriced hotel rooms, and Walmart offers a convenient place to park your RV.

There are several benefits of parking at Walmart for an extended period of time:

1) The most obvious benefit is that it’s free. The only caveat is that you can’t park overnight in some stores, so check with your local store before heading out on your trip. You also don’t want to take up valuable parking spots for shoppers who are coming into the store later in the day.

2) Another great benefit is that it’s convenient. Walmart has lots of stores located all across America, so if you’re traveling and running low on supplies, there’s likely a Walmart close by where you can run in and pick up what you need without having to drive long distances or wait in line at another store.

3) The store has many amenities that make it easy to live there temporarily. You can even use their WiFi network!

4) If you’ve ever tried sleeping in an RV while parked at a campground, then you know how difficult it can be when someone drives by too close and shakes your vehicle awake; this won’t happen at a Walmart because they have huge parking lots with plenty of room for RVs to park safely away from other vehicles.

Is Overnight Parking Safe at Walmart?

Overnight parking at Walmart is safe, but there are some things you should be aware of before doing so. You should also check with your local store before making plans to park overnight.

The first thing you need to know is that not all Walmarts allow overnight parking. If you’re planning on spending the night in your car, make sure you call your local store first and ask if they allow it.

You’ll also want to check with your state government. Some states require permits for those who wish to park their vehicles at Walmart overnights. These permits are usually free and easy to obtain, but they’ll help prove that you’re not breaking any laws when staying in your car at the store overnight.

As long as you’re willing to follow these guidelines, then it’s entirely safe for you to stay at Walmart overnight without worrying about being bothered by security guards or police officers.

Will Walmart Tow My RV If I Leave It Overnight?

Yes, Walmart will tow your RV if you leave it overnight.

The Walmart policy states that RV or any other vehicle can be towed if they’re parked in the lot for longer than 24 hours. The policy also states that the vehicle owner is responsible for all costs associated with towing and storing their vehicle.

Walmart has a list of guidelines for towing, but only one that directly addresses the 24-hour limit. The rest of its policies explain what happens when your car is towed and how much it’ll cost to get it back.

The policy doesn’t say how long trucks or trailers can be parked at the store, but it does state that if they’re left overnight, they’ll be towed as well.

According to a Reddit user who parked their broken vehicle at Walmart, their car was towed because it was left unattended.

Do You Have to Pay For Overnight Walmart Parking?

Walmart has long been known for its low prices, but it’s also known for its notoriously cheap parking. The retail giant has been known to charge as little as $0.50 per hour for parking at select locations. 

So, what’s the catch? Is there an overnight fee that you need to know about before you park your RV at Walmart?

The short answer is no. According to company policy, there are no fees associated with overnight parking at Walmart stores. However, this doesn’t mean that all stores follow this rule; some might impose a fee on customers who want to park their cars overnight in the lot.

The Do and Don’t of Parking RV at Walmart

RV parking at Walmarts is a popular option for RVers to take a break from the road and enjoy some time in a Walmart parking lot. 

Many RVers are unfamiliar with Walmart’s rules or even how to park correctly, so we’ve compiled this guide on how to best park your RV at Walmart.


Check the Store Hours.

Do check store hours before you plan to arrive. Most Walmarts are open 24 hours, but there are some locations that close early or have different hours on Sunday.

Ask For Permission

Do call ahead if you need assistance with driving into the lot or backing up. Most stores have someone available who can help you back into your spot and get situated, although this may be free or come at an additional cost depending on where you’re visiting. 

Park at the Right Spot

If you’re going to be parked for any length of time, it’s best to find a spot that isn’t directly in front of the store entrance. This way, you won’t be in the way of customers, and you’ll have fewer people asking questions about your rig.


Don’t Set up a Camp.

RVers who park at Walmart are actually camping on Walmart property without permission. The store doesn’t want them there, and police will be called if they see someone setting up camp. 

So when you pull into the parking lot, don’t bring anything with you that looks like camping gear. Don’t even think about hanging a hammock between two trees or setting up a tent or camp stove.

Do Not Stay More Than 24 Hours.

You can stay up to 24 hours, but not more than that in a row, without permission from management.

If you plan on staying longer than 24 hours, you’ll need permission from management beforehand. You can do this by calling customer service.

Do Not Leave Your Trash Behind.

Most people do not know how to behave in public places, and they litter everywhere they go. They keep their trash inside their RVs and dump it on the street or in other areas where it is inappropriate to do so. 

This creates health issues and can also cause accidents when other vehicles crash into them because they cannot see them clearly due to all the garbage lying around. 

So, always dispose of your trash correctly and do not leave any of it behind on Walmart’s property or outside its gates.

Don’t Leave Your RV Unattended.

Don’t leave your RV running while unattended in the parking lot! Not only is this illegal, but it’s also dangerous because it can attract thieves and create carbon monoxide build-up inside your vehicle!


You can park for up to 24 hours at Walmart stores if the lot is clearly marked. If you’ve tried all other options and still can’t find a place to park overnight in your RV/Motorhome, then you may have to resort to parking at the Walmart parking lot. 

However, ensure that you take all the precautions necessary while parking your RV, to help avoid any unwanted circumstances.

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About Editorial Staff

We’re passionate about all things RV and camper, and love sharing tips, “how-to”, and reviewing the latest products to help make your camping experience a success!

<span style="color: #01343d">About</span> Editorial Staff

About Editorial Staff

We’re passionate about all things RV and camper, and love sharing tips, “how-to”, and reviewing the latest products to help make your camping experience a success!

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