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The Best 5th Wheel RVs: 2023 Edition

Updated on January 28, 2024



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As seasoned professionals in the world of fifth-wheel campers, we understand that selecting the right RV can be overwhelming.

We’re here to lend a hand, guiding you through the complicated process of choosing your ideal RV.

best 5th wheel rvs
Source: Grand Design

This blog post will explore everything from gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) to floor plans and holding tanks.

We’ll also examine various features such as kitchen islands, entertainment centers, queen beds, king beds, and walk-in closets.

Whether you’re looking for a camper with a front living room or main bedroom or one with ample space in the living area – we’ve got you covered!

So sit back and relax as we delve into the world of fifth-wheel campers together.

Fifth-wheel campers are an increasingly popular option for travelers looking to explore the outdoors. Their large size and comfortable living spaces offer a luxurious experience that can’t be found in traditional camping or other RVs.

Towing a fifth wheel necessitates a truck with a GVWR of 10k lbs or more for secure transport and requires 5th wheel hitch or a 5th wheel to gooseneck adapter. Fifth wheel RVs come in many sizes and floor plans, from small toy haulers to luxury models with king beds and full entertainment centers.

Top 5th Wheel RV Brands and Models

Grand Design Solitude – Grand Design has crafted the perfect extended stay solution with their Solitude Fifth Wheel! Boasting an impressive interior design, this livable unit features taller ceilings and deeper cabinets than any other fifth wheel on the market. With a body width of 101 inches and 6′ 8″ tall slide-out – you’ll feel right at home in your very own luxurious grand sanctuary for as long as you wish!

Keystone Montana – Montana fifth wheels offer travelers a luxurious RV experience with details and excellence like no other. Gifted craftsmen have come together to create an exquisite line of high-end RVs that boast stunning interior design, remarkable attention to detail, and top-notch materials for making memories on the road.

Forest River Cardinal – For more than two decades, the Forest River Cardinal has been a key in their portfolio of full-profile luxury fifth wheels. Combining affordability with comfort and convenience features such as hydraulic auto levelling and slide outs, whisper quiet air conditioners, Z frame pass thru storage systems – the cardinal design is tailored to all kinds of camping needs; from extended stays or road trips across states to cosy weekend getaways near home!

Jayco North Point – Jayco North Point rounds out our list of top 5th wheel RV brands and models available today; boasting a small but luxurious details. A wooden pull-out spice rack, a kitchen countertop extension that flips up and 4K Smart TVs are all part of this package! As if these weren’t enough, sit back and relax in theatre seats with three-way adjustable headrests or charge your devices conveniently at the dining area with its built-in pop up charger featuring a wireless charging option. Astonishing amenities await you–all without breaking the bank.

Key Takeaway: For those looking for a top-of-the-line fifth wheel RV, the Grand Design Solitude, Keystone Montana, Forest River Cardinal, and Jayco North Point are great choices, each offering luxurious features such as walk-in closets and spacious living areas.

Grand Design - Solitude

The Grand Design Solitude 5th wheel RV is a luxurious, high-end camper that offers the perfect blend of comfort and convenience.

Grand Design Solitude

The Grand Design Solitude 5th wheel RV is a luxurious, high-end camper that offers the perfect blend of comfort and convenience. With its robust GVWR of 16,500 lbs., it can be pulled by most heavy-duty trucks with relative ease. It comes in several different floor plans to suit any lifestyle or need, including toy haulers and dry campers.

The interior features a spacious living room complete with an entertainment center and a comfortable queen bed. The master bedroom boasts a king bed and an expansive walk-in closet for ample storage. There’s also a front living room area where you can relax after a long day on the road.

This 5th wheel RV offers an impressive towing capacity, so you can hit the open road without having to leave anything behind. Its island kitchen provides plenty of counter space for meal prep, and its two large holding tanks make it easy to dispose of wastewater and store fresh water. Additionally, numerous storage compartments throughout the Solitude allow you to bring all your essentials along for the ride. This RV will provide you with a pleasant experience, taking all the necessary items for your travels.

All in all, if you’re looking for luxury on wheels, then look no further than Grand Design’s Solitude 5th wheel RV. From its powerful GVWR rating down to its stylish interior design elements – this rig has everything you need for your next adventure out there. So pack up your bags and get ready, because once inside this beauty nothing will ever feel quite like home again.

The Grand Design Solitude offers a luxurious and comfortable experience for any RVing, making it the perfect choice for those looking to make memories on their travels. Moving on from this luxury option, we now turn our attention to Keystone Montana which promises an equally enjoyable journey.

Key Takeaway: The Grand Design Solitude 5th wheel RV is the ultimate luxury camper, providing all of the comforts and convenience you need for your next road trip. It boasts a powerful GVWR rating, spacious living quarters and plenty of storage compartments to bring along everything you need – so buckle up because this ride will make it feel like home away from home.

Keystone Montana

The Keystone Montana 5th wheel RV is a luxurious and comfortable way to travel. With its impressive Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) of 16,000 lbs., this camper can easily be towed by most heavy-duty trucks. The Montana offers a variety of floor plans for all types of travelers, including toy haulers and dry campers.

One popular floor plan is the front living room model, which includes an entertainment center in the main bedroom as well as a queen bed or king bed, depending on the size you choose. This layout also features two sofas that face each other in the living area and provide plenty of seating space for everyone who joins your journey. Additionally, it has an outdoor kitchen island perfect for cooking up delicious meals while camping out in nature.

When it comes to towing capacity, the Keystone Montana 5th wheel RV can easily handle up to 15K pounds – more than enough power for most trips you’ll take with it. Plus, its tanks hold 110 gallons of fresh water and 88 gallons of grey/black tank, respectively – giving you plenty of resources even when away from civilization for extended periods of time.

Inside this fifth-wheel camper are several comforts designed just like home: full kitchen appliances such as stovetop ovens & microwaves; a large walk-in closet; plus ample storage space throughout both bedrooms and living areas alike, make packing easy no matter how long your stay will be. And if that wasn’t enough convenience – there’s even an optional fireplace available too – making cozy nights spent indoors even cozier.

Finally, what sets this rig apart from others is its spacious interior which allows up to 8 people to sleep comfortably within its walls while still providing plenty of room left over during daytime hours due to slideouts located throughout various sections inside the unit itself. All these features combined make it an excellent choice when looking into purchasing a fifth-wheel camper today.

The Keystone Montana is a great choice for those looking to explore the outdoors with their RV, as it offers plenty of space and comfort. Moving on, DRV Luxury Suites Mobile Suites is another option that may be worth considering due to its luxurious features and amenities.

Key Takeaway: The Keystone Montana 5th wheel RV is a luxurious and powerful camper that offers an array of floor plans, impressive towing capacity, home-like comforts such as full kitchen appliances and optional fireplaces, plus plenty of room for up to 8 people. This top-of-the-line rig is the perfect choice for anyone looking to purchase a fifth wheel today.

DRV Luxury Suites Mobile Suites

The DRV Luxury Suites Mobile Suites 5th wheel RV is the perfect choice for those looking to travel in style and comfort. This top-of-the-line RV features all the amenities you need for a luxurious camping experience, from residential refrigerators to king-size beds. This RV comes with plenty of storage and an enormous bathroom, including a shower, basin, and loo. In addition, it boasts top-of-the-line appliances such as washers/dryers and dishwashers for a truly homely experience.

For those who want to take their outdoor living up a notch, this RV has two slides that provide additional floor space when parked at your destination. The interior also boasts solid hardwood cabinetry, LED lighting fixtures, and plush carpeting in select areas. Additionally, this model offers an optional generator package that allows you to run your electronics even when there isn’t access to shore power or campsite hookups.

Safety is of the utmost importance when selecting an RV, so rest assured that the DRV Luxury Suites Mobile Suites 5th wheel comes with all the bells and whistles necessary for a secure journey. For added safety, the DRV Luxury Suites Mobile Suites 5th wheel is equipped with fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, carbon monoxide alarms, GFCI outlets throughout, and an emergency exit window for a safe journey.

When it’s time to journey, make sure you’re prepared with one of these opulent RVs. With its superior construction quality and cutting-edge technology, no matter where life takes you, you’ll feel right at home inside a DRV Luxury Suite Mobile Suite 5th Wheel.

The DRV Luxury Suites Mobile Suites is an excellent choice for those looking to travel in luxury and comfort. Moving on, the Forest River Cardinal offers a great selection of features and amenities that make it perfect for any RV enthusiast.

Key Takeaway: This top-of-the-line RV offers a luxurious experience on the road, complete with residential refrigerators, king-size beds, and high-end appliances. It also comes with added safety features such as fire extinguishers and smoke detectors – giving you peace of mind to enjoy your journey in style.

Forest River Cardinal

The Forest River Cardinal 5th wheel RV is a top-of-the-line model that offers luxury, comfort, and convenience for those who want to explore the great outdoors. The Cardinal GVR of 16,000 pounds and is compatible with most heavy-duty trucks. The Cardinal comes in several different floor plans, including toy haulers, dry camp models, and front living room designs. All models come with an entertainment center, queen or king bed in the master bedroom, spacious living area, and kitchen island.

And with two holding tanks totaling over 80 gallons combined, you’ll never have to worry about running out of water on your next camping trip. For your packing needs, the RV offers a variety of storage options, from walk-in closets to drawers beneath the beds.

If you’re looking for an RV that offers both comfort and convenience while exploring nature, then the Forest River Cardinal 5th wheel camper is a great choice. It features luxurious amenities such as a large living room area complete with an entertainment center, comfortable sleeping arrangements, and impressive tow capacity – all of which will make your outdoor adventure unforgettable.

The Forest River Cardinal is an excellent 5th wheel RV for those looking to explore the outdoors with all of the modern amenities. The Jayco North Point offers a luxurious experience and superior craftsmanship, making it another great choice for adventurers.

Key Takeaway: The Forest River Cardinal 5th wheel RV is a top-of-the-line model that offers luxury, comfort, and convenience for those who want to explore the great outdoors.

Jayco North Point

The Jayco North Point 5th wheel RV is a great choice for those looking to explore the outdoors in comfort and style. With its durable construction, this fifth-wheel camper is capable of tackling the toughest terrains. The GVWR of the North Point 5th wheel RV is a whopping 15,000 lbs., so you can be sure it’ll tackle any rough terrain without issue.

Jayco offers several floor plans for their North Point models, including toy haulers and dry camp layouts. All models come equipped with a large entertainment center complete with HDTV and surround sound speakers and comfortable seating areas perfect for relaxing after a long day of exploration or adventure. You also have your choice between two different bed sizes: queen or king-size beds in both the main bedroom and living area depending on your needs.

In addition to its spacious interior, the Jayco North Point 5th wheel RV also boasts plenty of storage space throughout its many compartments; from overhead cabinets above each bed to deep drawers beneath them—you’ll never run out of places to store all your camping gear. The kitchen island provides ample countertop space for meal preparation while allowing enough room for socializing around it. And don’t forget about the walk-in closet that makes packing easier than ever.

So if you are looking for an RV that offers plenty of features without sacrificing comfort or convenience, look no further than the Jayco North Point 5th wheel camper – it is one sweet RV. With plenty of holding tanks (freshwater/gray water/black water/), and a spacious interior, this fifth-wheel camper has everything you need to hit the road in style and comfort.

The Jayco North Point is an excellent 5th wheel RV that offers a wide range of features and amenities. When choosing the right 5th wheel RV for you, there are several key considerations to take into account.

Key Takeaway: The Jayco North Point 5th wheel RV is a top-of-the-line camper that offers luxury and convenience for any adventure. It boasts impressive specs, such as its hefty towing capacity of up to 24K lbs., four holding tanks, HDTV entertainment center with surround sound speakers, and ample storage space throughout. This fifth-wheeler provides the perfect balance of luxury and convenience for your next camping trip.

Key Considerations When Choosing a 5th Wheel RV

When selecting a 5th wheel RV, it is essential to contemplate various aspects. The first is size. What dimensions should you look for to accommodate your family or companions? Will the RV be used for full-time living or just occasional trips? Depending on the answer, you’ll want to look at different sizes of RVs, from small travel trailers to large luxury models.

Another factor is weight capacity and towability. You’ll need a truck that can handle the weight of your fifth wheel as well as any additional cargo and passengers in order to pull it down the road safely. If you don’t have an appropriate vehicle, renting one may be necessary before making a purchase decision.

Comfort should also be taken into consideration when selecting a 5th wheel RV. Think about features like A/C, heating systems, appliances (e.g., fridges and stoves), lavatories with showers or baths, entertainment setups with TVs and audio equipment, etc., to ensure everyone on board feels comfortable while traveling.

When considering a 5th wheel RV, it is important to evaluate its size and weight in addition to its features; moreover, one must also consider their budget. Additionally, be sure to factor in your budget when making your decision. Weighing up the advantages and disadvantages of having a 5th Wheel RV entails evaluating aspects such as expenses, upkeep requirements, security matters and comfort.

Key Takeaway: When deciding on a 5th wheel RV, size and weight capacity are key considerations; ensure you have an appropriate tow vehicle to handle the load. Additionally, ensure your chosen model is equipped with all necessary amenities to provide comfort for everyone onboard during their trip.

Pros and Cons of Owning a 5th Wheel RV

Possessing a fifth-wheel RV can be an exhilarating, gratifying journey; however, it is essential to grasp the advantages and disadvantages of this kind of vehicle before committing.

A fifth-wheel camper is intended for use with trucks having a GVWR exceeding 10,000 lbs. They are typically larger than other types of RVs and offer more floor plans and amenities. Fifth wheels also provide plenty of storage space in the form of toy haulers, dry camp options, entertainment centers, kitchen islands, walk-in closets, and much more.

The main advantage to owning a 5th wheel RV is that they have greater tow capacity than other vehicles due to their design. This allows you to bring heavier items, such as boats or ATVs, without worrying about exceeding your truck’s maximum payload rating. Additionally, many models come equipped with king or queen beds, providing extra comfort during long trips away from home. Some even feature front living rooms or master bedrooms so you can enjoy extra privacy while on the road.

On the downside, fifth wheels require a heavy-duty truck for proper operation, which means additional cost if you don’t already own one suitable for hauling your RV. Additionally, these units are often heavier than other types of RVs due to their size, so fuel economy may suffer when compared to smaller travel trailers or motorhomes. Finally, holding tanks need regular maintenance in order for them not to become clogged up with debris from nearby campsites, which can cause unpleasant odors inside your rig.

Overall, owning a 5th wheel RV has its advantages and disadvantages like any recreational vehicle. Still, if properly managed, having a 5th wheel RV can bring you great joy and many wonderful memories of the journey.

Owning a 5th wheel RV can be beneficial and costly depending on your lifestyle, budget, and needs. After assessing the positives and negatives of owning a 5th Wheel RV, it is imperative to ponder further before selecting the optimal recreational vehicle for you. To make the most of your investment, evaluating what makes up a good fifth-wheel purchase is important.

Key Takeaway: For those seeking a more comfortable travel experience, 5th wheel RVs offer ample tow capacity and roomier floor plans than other RV types, but they require a heavy-duty vehicle with GVWR over 10,000 pounds for towing. With their increased tow capacity and roomier floor plans compared to other RVs, they are perfect for those who want some extra comfort on their trips. Just make sure that you have the right truck to pull them since they need heavy-duty vehicles with GVWR over 10,000 pounds.


In conclusion, when searching for a 5th wheel RV that meets your requirements and finances, size, weight limit, interior components, and amenities should be considered. Grand Design Solitude offers luxurious accommodations, while Keystone Montana provides a more traditional design. DRV Luxury Suites Mobile Suites has a wide variety of floor plans that offer plenty of space for family trips. Forest River Cardinal gives you quality construction with all the bells and whistles at an affordable price point. Finally, Jayco North Point has modern styling and great customer service support, making them one of the top contenders in this category. With careful consideration given to these options, there’s sure to be something perfect out there for everyone.

FAQs in Relation to Best 5th Wheel Rv

What is the highest quality fifth wheel on the market?

The highest quality fifth wheel on the market is the Grand Design Reflection 327RSTS. It has a wide range of features, including an aerodynamic front cap with Max Turn Radius for improved towing and handling, a full body paint package, stainless steel appliances, 15K BTU A/C system with quick cool feature, 8-foot tall ceilings throughout the living area, and bedroom slideouts for extra space. Additionally, it comes standard with residential furniture options that provide superior comfort and style, along with solid surface countertops in kitchen and bathroom areas – combined, the Grand Design Reflection 327RSTS is one of the best fifth wheels available today.

What is the best brand of 5th wheel RV?

The best brand of 5th wheel RV depends on the individual’s needs and budget. Generally, high-end models from manufacturers such as Keystone, Jayco, Grand Design, and Forest River offer more features for a higher price tag. Mid-range options from Coachmen, Dutchmen, and Thor provide quality at an affordable cost. Finally, budget brands like Starcraft often have fewer amenities but can be a great choice for those looking to save money without sacrificing too much in terms of comfort or convenience. Ultimately it is up to the buyer to decide which brand fits their lifestyle best.

What is the life expectancy of a fifth wheel camper?

The life expectancy of a fifth wheel camper depends on several factors, such as the quality and maintenance of the unit. A fifth wheel camper, maintained properly, could have a lifespan of up to two decades or more. However, this lifespan may be shortened if proper maintenance is not conducted regularly and correctly. It is important to inspect all components of your RV annually to ensure it continues functioning properly for many years.

What to know before buying a 5th wheel?

Before purchasing a 5th wheel, contemplate numerous elements. First, determine your budget and lifestyle needs, as this will help narrow the selection of available models. Additionally, research the tow vehicle’s capabilities to ensure it is powerful enough for safe towing. Research features such as floor plans, construction materials, and insulation levels that best fit your needs and the climate conditions you plan on camping in. Lastly, check out consumer reviews for additional insight into each model’s performance before making a purchase decision.

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<span style="color: #01343d">About</span> Editorial Staff

About Editorial Staff

We’re passionate about all things RV and camper, and love sharing tips, “how-to”, and reviewing the latest products to help make your camping experience a success!

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