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Discovering America: A Guide to Small RV Rentals

Updated on November 27, 2023



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Imagine the open road before you, a cool breeze coming through your window, and a cozy haven on wheels behind you. That’s right; we’re talking about small RV rentals.

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Gone are the days when RVing meant navigating bulky behemoths down narrow roads. These compact wonders pack all the comforts of home into an easy-to-drive package perfect for solo travelers or small families.

But why opt for smaller rigs? What perks do they offer over their larger counterparts? And where can one find these gems?

You’ll discover how small RVs make travel more affordable and less intimidating without skimping on amenities. We’ll also explore some leading rental companies offering pet-friendly options and even delve into top destinations to hit with your rented tiny traveler.

Before we go, let’s dive deeper into this topic.

Small RV Rentals: A Comprehensive Guide

Embarking on a journey with small RV rentals unlocks a world of freedom and flexibility. These compact travel wonders are gaining popularity, offering an affordable yet comfortable way to satiate your wanderlust.

Understanding the Appeal of Small RV Rentals

The appeal lies in their convenience and versatility. Compact by design, these vehicles can navigate city streets as effortlessly as rugged campgrounds. They provide all you need for an unforgettable adventure – from freshwater toilets to cozy sleeping areas.

Renting a small RV, like those available at Ever RV, gives you access to amenities typically found in larger units but without bulkiness or fuel inefficiency. Prices start at just $35,350 – far more economical than buying.

If you’re keen on cooking up meals while on the road, many models feature unique rear kitchen designs, too. Imagine preparing dinner while parked beside stunning landscapes; it’s hard not to fall in love with this lifestyle.

Features and Amenities in Small RV Rentals

Visualize setting off on an extraordinary journey while having all the amenities of home. This is what you get when you rent a compact RV from Ever RV.

The Unique Rear Kitchen Design in Compact RVs

A unique feature found in many small RV rentals is the rear kitchen design. Positioned at the back, this efficient setup lets travelers whip up meals like home.

This practical layout includes a gas cooktop for easy meal prep and a convenient freshwater toilet. Not to mention, there’s also air conditioning to keep cool during those hot summer trips.

Dinette folding into an extra bed? You bet. At night, simply transform your dining space into cozy sleeping quarters – perfect for accommodating additional passengers or guests.

Built-in Power Generator: The Heart of Your Adventure Vehicle

No more worrying about finding hookups whenever you want to stop and rest – these little powerhouses come equipped with their own generator.

  • The onboard power source keeps everything running smoothly so that setting up camp becomes effortless wherever your journey takes you.
  • These generators are reliable companions, whether parked amidst nature or at various RV events.
Compact RV Key Features:
Fresh Water Toilet:Included
Air Conditioning:Included
To view a full inventory, check out these small RV Rentals

Small RVs offer a comfortable, convenient travel experience with all the necessary amenities. Plus, they’re compact enough to navigate through any terrain easily.

Renters Love Small RV Rentals for their Homely Comfort and Convenience.

If you haven’t considered renting a small recreational vehicle, it may be time to reconsider. These nifty units deliver everything you need – comfort, convenience, and endless possibilities for adventure.

Exploring the Top Small RV Rental Companies

If you’re keen on experiencing the RV lifestyle, there are a few top players in the market to consider. Two giants stand out – Cruise America and Outdoorsy.

Cruise America’s Range of Rental Options

Cruise America has been a trusted name for years, offering various rental options. From compact units ideal for solo travelers or couples to large RVs designed for families or groups, they have something that fits every need.

Their inventory is not limited to just one type of RV either. They have standard RV rentals and larger models, allowing customers to choose based on their needs and preferences.

You can join their waitlist if your preferred model isn’t available immediately for more information about what makes them a popular choice among campers nationwide.

Check out this article: Why Rent from Cruise America?

The Offerings of Outdoorsy

Shifting focus to Outdoorsy, a prominent contender in the compact RV rental industry acclaimed for its dependable service and broad selection. Whether you’re seeking a classic motorhome or a bespoke trailer featuring unique rear kitchen configurations – they’ve got it all.

But it’s not just about variety with Outdoorsy; their commitment to customer support sets them apart. Renters have access to resources that simplify trip planning significantly. Their dedicated team ensures every renter finds what they need without straining their budget – delivering quality at competitive rates.

CompanyCruise AmericanOutdoorsy
OptionsCompact, Standard and Large RVsMotorhomes, Campervans, Custom-built trailers

Pet-Friendly Small RV Rentals

For lots of us, our pets are like family members. So why leave them behind when you hit the road? Thankfully, with pet-friendly small RV rentals becoming more common, your furry companions can join in on the fun.

The good news is that compact RV rentals are often pet-friendly. Including your pet in the journey is now easier than ever, thanks to the increasing availability of pet-friendly small RV rentals. After all, they deserve a vacation too. Just make sure to confirm this detail before finalizing any rental agreement.

A standout feature among these smaller motorhomes is their versatility. They provide all the comforts and conveniences needed while being spacious enough for larger breeds. Plus, let’s not forget those pit stops – an essential aspect of traveling with pets.

Tips For Traveling With Pets In A Small RV Rental

If you’re new to this “RV lifestyle”, rest assured – traveling in an RV with pets isn’t much different from living at home with them.

All you need is basic preparation and an understanding of how best to accommodate them inside the RV. For instance, bringing their favorite toys or bedding can make them feel more at home.

It’s also crucial to ensure that your pet is safe while traveling. This means securing them in a harness during transit and not letting them roam freely inside the moving vehicle for safety reasons.

Rent an RV today and start making those unforgettable memories with your furry family members.

Choosing the Perfect Small RV Rental

Picking out the perfect small RV rental can feel like a big decision. But, with some savvy insights and useful tips, it becomes much easier.

Towable vs. Driveable Small RVs

One key factor to consider is whether you want a towable or driveable small RV. Towables are hitched to your vehicle, while driveables function as transport and accommodation in one neat package.

A travel trailer, which falls under towables, allows you to have a separate car for exploring around once camp is set up. However, if convenience tops your list, opting for a compact unit that doesn’t require towing might be more suitable.

In either case, always remember to ask about any restrictions on where these vehicles can go before making your final decision. Some places may not allow larger units but welcome smaller ones with open arms.

The Ideal Unit Size: Family Fun or Solo Travel?

Your choice also depends largely on who’s coming along. A family unit needs space for everyone – from tall campers requiring extra headroom to those needing an extra bed at night.

If it’s just two of you though – maybe even planning an extended trip – considering options like our unique rear kitchen design could help create more living space during daytime hours when less sleeping area is required.

Compact Plus RV Rental and Compact RV Rental offer a variety of layouts and sizes that cater to different needs. Remember, the perfect small RV rental isn’t one-size-fits-all – it’s what fits your adventure best.

Maintenance and Safety Tips for Small RV Rentals

Keeping your small RV rental in top shape isn’t as tough as you think. It’s all about being proactive with maintenance, staying safe on the road, and knowing how to handle common issues.

Fuel Efficiency and Gas Mileage

Better gas mileage begins with an efficient engine. Our Compact RVs come equipped with a Ford V-8 Chassis Engine and automatic transmission, providing a smooth ride that doesn’t guzzle fuel unnecessarily.

The ABS power brakes also add another layer of safety while improving overall performance. By maintaining these key components regularly, you’ll be set for more miles per gallon during your adventure.

A fully self-contained unit like this means less time at service stations and more time exploring what lies beyond the horizon.

Taking Care of Your Fresh Water Tank

Your 20.5-gallon fresh water tank is essential for comfortable living on the go – it supplies everything from drinking water to shower flow. Renter’s Resources offers comprehensive guides on keeping it clean to prevent any unwanted health risks or system breakdowns down the line.

Saving Energy While Keeping Cool

When temperatures rise outside, air conditioning becomes a lifesaver inside your compact home-on-wheels, but remember – running AC non-stop can drain energy resources quickly.

Prioritizing safety ensures smoother trips and peace of mind along every mile traveled.

So there you have it: Some handy maintenance and safety tips for your small RV rental.

Exploring Popular Destinations with Small RV Rentals

Adventure is calling, and a small RV rental might just be your ticket to answer it. Compact yet complete with essential amenities, these units allow you to roam and explore some of America’s most scenic destinations.

Camping in State Parks

The allure of state parks for campers lies not only in their stunning landscapes but also in their accessibility. They’re perfect for exploring with small RVs due to spacious campsites and robust facilities.

Turkey Run State Park, known for its rugged canyons and lush woodlands, offers plenty of space even during peak seasons. A compact unit lets you navigate easily while providing comfort after a day with hiking trails or bird watching.

Moving further eastward brings us to Brown County State Park. Known as the “Little Smokies”, this park enchants visitors with rolling hills covered by thick forests that light up beautifully every fall season – an ideal setting if you’re looking at RV camping options during autumn months.

Last on our list, but definitely not least, is Hocking Hills State Park. Renowned for its unique rock formations, waterfalls, and gorges – it’s truly an outdoor enthusiast’s dream come true. Plus, they have sites specifically designed to accommodate smaller RV rentals like ours, making it easier than ever before.

In each destination visited, we ensured all necessities were taken care of, from freshwater toilet needs to maintaining cleanliness around cooking areas because, yes – even compact RVs have well-equipped kitchens. All this is possible thanks to the versatile design offered by these vehicles, which are perfectly suited to meeting the varied travel requirements of different individuals or groups.

Finding the Best Deals on Small RV Rentals

Scoring a great deal on small RV rentals doesn’t have to feel like finding a needle in a haystack. Discovering what you require and where to look are key to finding the best deals on small RV rentals.

Start your search with trusted rental companies such as Outdoorys, known for their range of rental options from standard to large RVs. Alternatively, check out Cruise America, another reputable player in the market offering competitive rates.

The Key Factors When Hunting For Deals

Look for discounts during the off-season to get a great deal. These can significantly lower costs if you’re flexible with your travel dates. Also, long-term rentals often come at discounted rates – perfect if you plan an extended road trip.

Next up is size and amenities: Compact units typically cost less than larger ones but still offer essentials like air conditioning, fresh water toilets, and gas cooktops – ensuring comfort while keeping expenses down.

Leverage Online Resources And Join Wait-lists

To get ahead of the game when looking for deals on small RV rentals, consider signing up for newsletters or joining wait lists provided by rental companies. This way, you’ll be first in line when special offers roll around.

Renter’s resources are also worth exploring as they often provide useful tips that could save time and money during your journey across America’s highways.

FAQs in Relation to Small RV Rentals

What is the smallest size RV available?

The smallest RVs are typically teardrop trailers, usually measuring 10 feet long.

What is a compact RV?

A compact RV is an efficient and smaller motorhome designed for easy maneuverability while offering essential amenities like a bed, kitchenette, and bathroom.

What is a Class C RV?

A Class C RV bridges the gap between larger Class A motorhomes and smaller campervans. It’s built on a truck chassis with an attached cab section.

What is the easiest small RV to drive?

Easiest to handle would be class B or “camper vans”. Their modest size makes them about as straightforward as driving your regular vehicle.


There’s no denying it: small RV rentals offer big advantages. They present the convenience of a residence in an effortless-to-maneuver and condensed shape. You’ve seen how their unique features, like rear kitchens and pet-friendly options, add to their appeal.

You’ve discovered top rental companies offering a range of options for your travel needs. From Cruise America’s varied fleet to El Monte’s dedicated service, you’re equipped with resources for your next adventure.

You now know essential maintenance tips for smooth travel and fuel efficiency – invaluable knowledge when on the road! And remember those dreamy destinations? State parks are calling!

In short, you’re ready to embrace an economical family unit fully self-contained with our comprehensive guide on small RV rentals.

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About Editorial Staff

We’re passionate about all things RV and camper, and love sharing tips, “how-to”, and reviewing the latest products to help make your camping experience a success!

<span style="color: #01343d">About</span> Editorial Staff

About Editorial Staff

We’re passionate about all things RV and camper, and love sharing tips, “how-to”, and reviewing the latest products to help make your camping experience a success!