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RV Trends Revolutionizing the Industry in 2023

Updated on January 28, 2024



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In this ever-changing world, the RV industry is not immune to transformations. With rising raw material costs and shifts in consumer demand, manufacturers are constantly innovating to stay ahead of the curve.

From de-contenting strategies to consolidation within the industry, we’re seeing new RV trends and a revolution in how recreational vehicles are produced and marketed.

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This guide will take you on a journey through these emerging trends that are shaping the future of the RV sector as we approach 2023.

Whether you’re an avid RVer or just interested in this dynamic industry, buckle up for an insightful ride into what’s driving changes in RV production and consumption patterns.

RV Industry Trends and Predictions

The RV industry has experienced a great deal of flux recently, which is evidenced by the considerable decline in both shipments and production due to increasing costs of raw materials.

A significant decrease in RV shipments and production is evident, largely due to the rising costs of raw materials.

Decrease in RV Production

This trend can be attributed to various factors, but predominantly it’s because manufacturers are grappling with skyrocketing prices for essential components.

MAY 2022MAY 2023YOY Last YearYTD 2022YTD 2023YOY To Date
Travel Trailers (ALL)35,21320,595-41.5%198,18290,318-54.4%
Travel Trailers – 5th Wheel9,0655,170-43.0%49,52323,927-51.7%
Folding Camping Trailers804500-37.8%3,7972,838-25.3%
Truck Campers526334-36.5%2,3431,584-32.4%
All Towable RVs45,60826,599-41.7%253,845118,667-53.3%
Conventional (Type A)1,422908-36.1%6,9284,760-31.3%
Van Campers (Type B)1,6771,035-38.3%7,8735,807-26.2%
Mini (Type C)1,8222,37730.5%10,97711,5014.8%
All Motorhomes4,9214,320-12.2%25,77822,068-14.4%
Total RV Shipments50,52930,919-38.8%279,623140,735-49.7%
Source: RV Industry Association
screenshot 2023 07 18 at 1.26.44 pm

Rise of Replacement Inventory

In response, many have turned towards replacement inventory as a more cost-effective solution. This strategy allows them to maintain higher trim offerings while keeping costs manageable.

Risk Faced by Smaller Dealerships

However, this shift poses risks for smaller dealerships who may struggle with managing funds effectively amidst these changes. They could potentially face challenges maintaining their position within the increasingly competitive RV market landscape.

As we navigate through this sea change within the RV industry and recreational vehicle sector, let’s delve into another intriguing aspect, de-contenting.

De-Contenting as a Promising Strategy?

The RV industry is an intriguing sector characterized by its constant evolution and adaptability. This dynamic landscape continually transforms to cater to the diverse preferences and requirements of its wide-ranging clientele.

Over time, we’ve observed several trends that have significantly influenced the course of this industry. However, one particular trend has recently come into focus as RV manufacturers grapple with escalating costs – a phenomenon known as de-contenting.

Understanding De-Contenting: A Response to Price Hikes

De-contenting is not just another buzzword in the RV industry world; it’s a strategic response to cost-related challenges faced by manufacturers.

The term refers to an innovative practice where certain features are deliberately removed or simplified in recreational vehicles.

The primary objective behind this strategy is crafting less expensive options for customers without compromising on core functionalities.

This approach might seem counterintuitive at first glance but consider this – manufacturing expenses are skyrocketing due to rising raw material prices and labor costs.

These uncontrollable variables inevitably push up production costs, which can potentially lead to price hikes for end consumers if left unchecked.

Therefore, de-contenting emerges as a viable solution that helps strike a balance between maintaining product affordability and ensuring profitability for RV manufacturers amidst these challenging economic conditions.

Impact on Customer Choices

The idea behind this strategy? Attract customers who were previously priced out of the RV market due to high-end models maintaining higher trim offerings that came at premium prices.

  • Rising raw material and labor costs are pushing up manufacturing expenses.
  • To offset these increases without sacrificing profit margins or quality, many RV manufacturers are turning towards de-contented versions for their forthcoming model year change. This means fewer frills and extras but still providing solid functionality at more affordable price points.
  • This new approach could potentially open doors for those looking into adopting the increasingly popular RV lifestyle who may not otherwise be able to afford it because current strong resale values keep used vehicle prices high.

It’s yet another way how innovation continues to shape the experience within this ever-evolving sector.

Consolidation within the RV Industry

In recent years, there has been a significant shift within the recreational vehicle (RV) industry – consolidation. This trend is not happening in isolation; it’s propelled by various developments spanning all corners of this vibrant sector.

This wave of consolidation, primarily driven by continuous growth and improvement in every aspect of the industry, isn’t just changing how businesses operate. It’s reshaping our understanding and perception of what the RV landscape can look like.

The Role of Growth & Improvement in Driving Consolidation

As more people embrace the freedom and adventure that comes with an RV lifestyle, manufacturers are ramping up their production to cater to this burgeoning demand.

From compact travel trailers perfect for solo adventurers to luxurious motorhomes designed for families seeking a home-away-from-home experience – producers are leaving no stone unturned to meet diverse consumer needs.

This amplified activity within the industry doesn’t just translate into higher output volumes. It also fuels innovation and advancements that make recreational vehicles an increasingly attractive proposition for modern consumers.

Digital nomads, remote work enthusiasts, retirees looking for an adventurous retirement – all find themselves drawn towards this evolving mode of travel and living.

Implications For Local Businesses Amidst Industry Consolidation

With these sweeping changes in the RV industry come potential implications for local businesses operating within this space — particularly smaller dealerships which have traditionally played a pivotal role in serving local communities.

These shifts could see your favorite local establishments undergoing transformations as they adapt to new realities brought about by industry consolidation.

They may continue operations and their RV sales under new names or adopt different management structures as part of strategic alliances or mergers with larger entities.

While such changes might seem daunting initially, they often open doors to enhanced service offerings backed by increased resources available through consolidated business operations.

In essence, while we navigate these changing tides within the RV world together, one thing remains clear — it’s an exciting time filled with endless possibilities on what lies ahead!

A Surge in Used RV Sales: An Unprecedented Phenomenon

One of the most noteworthy changes has been a dramatic increase in used RV sales. This surge is not just an isolated incident; it represents a significant shift in purchasing patterns among consumers.

The reasons behind this trend could be multifaceted, ranging from budget considerations to changing lifestyle preferences.

A New Trend Emerges – Younger Vehicles at Auctions

Another intriguing development within the RV ownership sector is the sudden rise in younger average-age vehicles appearing at auctions.

Industry insiders speculate that more recent models might be entering the resale marketplace earlier than usual due to various factors, such as increased demand for newer features or people upgrading their vehicles sooner than before.

A Win-Win Situation for RV Buyers

This shifting dynamic within the used RV market also impacts dealerships’ strategies regarding their inventory management.

With younger second-hand models becoming available more frequently, dealers seem less inclined to hold onto older stock.

For potential RV owners, this presents an excellent opportunity as they can expect their investment to maintain its value over time – something crucial when considering buying pre-owned vehicles.

Remote Work & Digital Nomad Lifestyle

What could be driving these trends? One possible explanation lies with our changing work habits and lifestyle choices brought about by technological advancements and societal shifts towards remote working arrangements and digital nomadism.

Increasingly, people are choosing freedom over confinement – preferring spacious living quarters on wheels equipped with high-end amenities rather than being restricted within traditional four-wall setups.

Embracing Change Within The Industry

As we continue exploring these fascinating developments within the RV industry and RV ownership, one thing stands out – change is constant here! It’s incredible how swiftly things evolve amidst shifting consumer demands and market dynamics.

Source: Alliance RV (screenshot)

The Arrival of the 2024 Model Year

There’s a palpable sense of excitement coursing through the recreational vehicle (RV) industry as we edge closer to the introduction of new models for 2024. The industry is abuzz with anticipation, eagerly awaiting what manufacturers have in store for this forthcoming model year change.

While initial expectations suggest no drastic changes, insiders hint at some novel introductions set to hit the market from August onwards.

These could range from minor tweaks and enhancements to existing models to brand-new offerings that push boundaries and redefine standards within this vibrant sector.

Alliance RV: A Trailblazer Setting New Benchmarks

One name that consistently stands out among RV manufacturers for its pioneering approach is Alliance RV.

Over recent years, this brand has carved a niche for itself by introducing innovative features that resonate strongly with modern-day RV owners’ needs and preferences.

Their offerings have not only garnered widespread acclaim but also seen an upsurge in popularity among diverse customer segments.

Their commitment to continuous improvement, combined with their keen understanding of consumer requirements, makes them a force to reckon with within this competitive landscape.

Annual Uptick Around Model Change

Interestingly, there’s a recurring trend observed across the entire RV market – demand dynamics exhibit an uptick during this particular time period every year.

This pattern aligns closely with increased consumer interest in new model introductions, leading to heightened sales activity across dealerships nationwide.

RV sales typically witness a surge around these months due in part to customers’ eagerness to explore fresh additions or upgrades available on their favorite models.

Economic Factors Influencing Price Points

It’s important also to consider economic factors influencing pricing strategies during each model year changeover.

Prices generally tend toward an upward trajectory each model year due primarily to inflationary pressures coupled with escalating raw material costs impacting production expenses.

These variables necessitate adjustments in pricing structures by manufacturers while striving hard not just to maintain quality standards but also to enhance overall product value proposition amidst these challenging economic conditions.

As we stand on the cusp of welcoming another exciting chapter within our ever-evolving industry – it’s clear that times ahead promise much intrigue and innovation!

Innovative Strategies By Manufacturers

As the RV industry evolves, manufacturers of both drivable and towable RVs are stepping up their game to stay competitive.

To stay ahead of the competition, Alliance RV has implemented a range of cutting-edge features to appeal to an increasingly diverse consumer base.

Alliance RV’s Innovative Features

Alliance RV, for instance, is making waves in the market with its unique offerings.

This includes standard dual air conditioners on 50 amp service – an amenity not commonly found in most recreational vehicles but highly appreciated by frequent travelers and digital nomads alike due to improved fuel economy.

Educating The Customers: Online Courses

Beyond product enhancements, some manufacturers have also taken steps toward educating potential buyers about the ins and outs of owning an RV through online courses.

This initiative helps new RV owners navigate this increasingly popular way of life more confidently while contributing positively to the overall customer experience within this sector.

bear proof towable rv
Source: Mammoth Overland

Fighting Back Against Nature: Bear-Proofing Recreational Vehicles

To further stand out from competitors, certain RV manufacturers have started building bear-proof towable RVs. This ensures safety for campers during outdoor adventures, especially those involving wildlife encounters.

No doubt, all these efforts have contributed significantly to the growth of the RV market in recent years.

Camping vs Flights And Rising Gas Prices

The RV lifestyle has seen a surge in popularity, especially among digital nomads and those embracing remote work.

In contrast to the uncertainty of flight schedules due to recent global events, camping offers an appealing level of control over travel plans.

Recent reports suggest that many travelers are choosing recreational vehicles as their preferred mode of transport for vacations or extended trips.

Rising Fuel Costs: A Consideration For Travelers?

While the appeal is clear, there’s no denying that increasing gas prices have made some potential RV owners pause for thought.

Fuel economy plays a significant role in any decision related to travel – whether it be flights or driving an RV across states.

A Detailed Comparison Between Camping & Flying Amidst High Gas Prices

  • An average airplane consumes approximately three gallons per mile, while commercial jets can consume up to five gallons per passenger-mile.
  • This consumption rate far exceeds even large-sized recreational vehicles, which typically get between six and ten miles per gallon depending on size and model.
  • Besides fuel efficiency considerations, campground owners offer more competitive rates than hotels making them attractive options despite high gas costs.

FAQs in Relation to RV Trends

What is the RV market trend in 2023?

The RV market in 2023 will see a decrease in production due to rising raw material costs, with manufacturers opting for replacement inventory. Additionally, de-contenting has emerged as a new strategy.

What is the future of the RV industry?

The future of the RV industry points towards consolidation and innovative strategies by manufacturers. Also, there’s an expected shift in used market dynamics with younger vehicles coming into circulation.

Is the RV craze over?

No, the RV craze isn’t over. Despite challenges like high prices and supply chain issues, interest remains strong due to changing travel preferences amid ongoing pandemic concerns.

What is the current state of the RV industry?

The current state of the RV industry is facing challenges due to rising material costs and reduced production. However, new strategies like ‘de-contenting’ and consolidation are being adopted to counter these issues.


In conclusion, the RV industry is an ever-evolving landscape filled with constant innovation and shifting trends. From de-contenting strategies to industry consolidation, these transformations are reshaping how recreational vehicles are produced and marketed.

As we navigate through this dynamic sector, it’s clear that staying informed about these changes can greatly enhance your RV experience or potential investment decisions.

At Ever RV, our mission is to keep you updated on all the latest trends and developments in the world of RVs.

We’re committed to providing insightful content that not only educates but also inspires every RVer out there – whether you’re a seasoned traveler or just starting your journey on wheels.

So stick around for more exciting updates as we continue exploring what’s new and next in the RV world together!

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About Editorial Staff

We’re passionate about all things RV and camper, and love sharing tips, “how-to”, and reviewing the latest products to help make your camping experience a success!

<span style="color: #01343d">About</span> Editorial Staff

About Editorial Staff

We’re passionate about all things RV and camper, and love sharing tips, “how-to”, and reviewing the latest products to help make your camping experience a success!